Peter Picked a Peck…


This past weekend we got pickled we made pickles. I was both shocked and excited to learn how easy and completely obtainable pickling is. The recipe is below and it came from Sue’s Mom. I’ve known Sue for nearly three years and I would say we’ve been good friends for the past year and a half (or so). One of the first things that I learned about her was the rift that exists in her family between she and her Mom and her sisters. We commiserate over these things as I look to her for guidance with my father.

When Sue was young(er) she had an amazing relationship with her Mom – they talked every day and shared little things in a way that only best friends typically do but because life is shitty and bad things happen to good people her brother got sick – very sick. At the time everyone had an opinion about what was best for him but Sue knew that only he could decide what that was and she honored his wishes even though they went against everything that her sisters and (seemingly) her Mother wanted. Her brother died the way he wanted to, but the fallout of these decisions ended the daily phone calls, they ended the frequent trips up to New York, they almost completely severed everything that made the relationship Sue had with her family possible.

This was seven years ago and slowly Sue, for the sake of her daughter, has tried to rebuild the tattered shards of what was once an amazing connection. Very gradually the trips to New York have started again, phone calls have begun and I hear less and less the sigh of frustration and sorrow when I question Sue about her family.

Things may never be how they once were – something has broken that no amount of time can mend but I do think it is positive and encouraging when Sue told me that in order to prepare for craft night she called her Mom to find out how to make pickles and her Mom not only dusted off her recipe but also made a practice batch to ensure that the recipe was a good one and served them to Sue and her daughter two weeks ago when they went to visit. This is progress and sometimes that is all we can ask for.

On a lighter note we didn’t have any signature cocktails for craft night – we all try and behave ourselves at Sue’s house because we do these things on Sunday night and we know that Sue is up early Monday morning. That isn’t to say that we have ever succeeded when trying to control ourselves – despite the limited booze selection three of us managed to drink four bottles of wine and most of a pitcher of margaritas. Not everyone has to get up early on Monday morning…

How to make Pickles:


How to annoy your hung-over craft friends at 6:00 Monday Morning:




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