A little fun in the kitchen – Mushroom/seafood Risotto


Okay, so I may have forgotten that my position in craft club does not just include drinking large quantities of wine and making inappropriate comments while doing so. I am also our webmaster, who knew? In the past couple of years, since we made pickles we have done a number of crafts – some more successful than others, everything from alcohol paintings, to infused oils, to body lotions to wine crate planters, we have learned many valuable lessons (like concrete dries really fast and you should mix it in small quantities and you always want to get the lids on your mason jars really tight) and we’ve added a new addition into our fold – a big shout out to Marie!

All that aside, here I am – back on line and about to throw down an awesome (if somewhat inaccurate) recipe for mushroom risotto.  You see, I arrived at craft night last Sunday with a bag of grits and a bottle of wine fully ready to mix up some shrimp and grits only to find out that we were making seafood risotto. I was not unhappy about this, loving everything that seafood risotto entails but being less than fluent when it comes to its preparation, I immediately filled myself a glass of wine and sat back to learn something.

The recipe – I discovered is pretty fluid and never the same twice, the way we made it on Sunday goes a little bit something like this (please keep in mind that while I was taking notes I also polished off the bottle of wine that I brought – minus the splash that went in to dinner, certainly don’t want to disappoint those relying on me to unhelpful and sarcastic):

  1. Start with a giant glob of butter (I mean a giant GLOB, you need enough to coat the rice and if you are making a big batch for a lot of people you need A LOT of butter to wet it all).
  2. Put this butter in the bottom of a large pot on medium low stove-side
  3. Add your rice, I cant tell you how much but enough to feed however many people you’ve got, if you need more butter add it now.
  4. Stir (you’re going to pretty much have to stir from now until it’s done). My personal opinion is that this should always be a team effort – make risotto in pairs. With two people one person can be chopping, adding and pouring the wine and another can just stand at the stove constantly stirring the stuff wondering where they went wrong in life.
  5. Add onions and mushrooms to the rice (the mushrooms should be raw and will add liquid to the mixture) also cutting onions is super easy with one of these or a clean hair pick will work just as well.
  6. Keep stirring
  7. Have a giant can of chicken broth on hand, you should start adding it now – and continue as needed to keep everything covered and coated in liquid.
  8. Keep stirring
  9. Add peas and pre-boiled carrots, these are totally optional. I thought the peas added a nice flavor to the dish but the carrots were really just for color.
  10. Keep stirring – drink some wine
  11. in a separate pan cook your seafood separately. we used shrimp and sauteed it in olive oil with garlic, salt and a little parsley. I suppose you could throw just about anything in there.
  12.  As the seafood cooks, go back to your risotto, keep stirring it and add a little wine – I would say we put in about half a cup (?) who knows I may have cried out something like “not too much!!!” because that was the same bottle I was drinking from. I don’t know, who can remember ALL the parts of a recipe?
  13. Keep stirring and add a little bit of cream (this is also optional) and I have no idea how much because at the time they were putting this in I was rescuing my wine from the counter and making sure it was safely back on the table – next to my glass.
  14. After the cream has been totally mixed in add the seafood to the pot – mix it up really well.
  15. Add a TON of cheese, we grated some very fresh and delicious Parmesan/reggiano  that I may or may not have grated a kitchen napkin in to (I am nothing if not super helpful). We added 2 heaping handfuls into the pot and stirred it all together.
  16. Serve and Enjoy!


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