Journals, Safes and Lessons in Planning Ahead


This past Sunday was my turn to host craft night and all I can say is that they can’t all be winners right? It started the night before when I was out late, in the city imbibing in a way that’s acceptable when you have a designated driver. I feel asleep promptly upon arriving home but as is my custom when I drink too much woke up at 1:30 and nearly saw the sunrise before I drifted off to sleep again. Needless to say I wasn’t 100% when I got up and started prepping for the day…

I had high hopes of practicing my chosen craft well ahead of time in order to demonstrate how best to do it. I had decided to turn some old boring library books that had been weeded out of the collection into journals. This, my friends, is not as easy as pinterest made it seem. I tried 3 different approaches about an hour before everyone showed up and they were all dismal failures. I did this, as I was vacuuming up copious amounts of dog hair, making baked ziti and running to the store to get appetizers.

By the time everyone arrived I had gotten no further than to discover what didn’t work. Fortunately, Gina (being an art major) had some experience sowing books together. She was completely successful as was Marie who has some deep hidden talents that are just starting to come to light.

Stacy & Beth chose thicker books and decided to hollow them out to make book safes, these proved supper labor intensive. Both used exacto knives and box cutters to hollow out hundreds of pages, then took fine grade sandpaper to smooth out the edge and finally a huge amount of mod podge to glue the rest of the book together. It was not quick or easy and I understand now why there isn’t a book safe in everyone’s home.

For my part I started craft day with an ill advised cocktail (a large one) and then spent the rest of the afternoon unsuccessfully trying to glue blank pages inside a book spine that I had already mangled prior to my guests arrival. By the time everyone left – their completed crafts in hand, my glue was still wet and nothing was where it was supposed to be. About the only thing I was helpful with was finding larger, heavier books to weigh down the ones we were using (utilizing my own super power of being a book hoarder).

Grand plans not withstanding I think (I hope) that a good time was still had by all.

book craft

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